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Hugo Broos enjoying being Head Coach of Cameroon

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Hugo Broos says he is having a better time as the head coach of Cameroon than he had as the head coach of Algeria.

As per Broos, there is a massive difference in the mentality of the players of the two countries. While the ones at Cameroon understand the importance of putting in the hard yards, the Algerians do not maintain any kind of discipline in that regard and show no interest in sweating it out in the training sessions. They lack professionalism and are not ambitious enough to feature in the biggest leagues in the world.

The 65-year old Belgian makes it very clear that if an offer comes from the Algerian federation again for him to come and coach their national team, he would not think twice before rejecting that offer because his experience of coaching there was as bad as hell, pretty unlike Cameroon.
Broos admits that Cameroon have their own sets of problems as well in terms of how association is being run and all those sorts of things, but, it’s something that is there in African Football in general. Every association is struggling with certain issues.

However, the thing with Cameroon is that they are at least willing to get their issues sorted by putting steps in the right direction. They permit the coach to speak his mind and take his advices into consideration.

One thing that Broos hates the most about African Football is the lack of punctuality of the administrators. Having born and brought up in Europe and having spent most of his playing as well as coaching career in the European culture, he is not used to dealing with unpunctual people. However, he says he is slowly realising the fact that if he has to work in Africa for long durations, he will have to forget about punctuality because it’s just not in the DNA of African people.