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The Cameroon national team is searching for a new coach

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Volker Finke was the latest coach of the Cameroon national football team but he was sacked after only 5 months in charge of the national side but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the Football Federation of Cameroon (Fecafoot) that they officially initiated and announced their search for a new manager.

AlexandreBelinga was the man that was selected to replace Volker Finke as a temporary caretaker until a more permanent coach is chosen.

The Football Federation of Cameroon is not only taking into consideration the applications of managers who are native but they are also open to foreign coaches. The requirements of the next coach include being able to permanently reside in Cameroon as well as having already won trophies in their respective managerial careers.

Ever since Volker Finke was sacked, there has been speculation surrounding which coach was going to be selected including Claude Le Roy who used to be in charge of the Congolese national side but resigned from his position back in November and has also showed interest in taking charge of Cameroon.

HerveRenard is another one of the potential managers that might take control of Cameroon or at least he’s rumored on doing so after having been in charge of African sides.

The deadline of receiving applications which was placed by Fecafoot was December 15 and from there on out, the Cameroon committee have been creating a shortlist where they will be narrowing their selection of possible managers to only 5 and one of those 5 are going to be selected.

The Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) has already started their review sessions and it’s only a matter of time until the shortlist is made public to the world until eventually the new coach is elected but this decision should not be rushed as this manager will have the duties of pushing the national side through their upcoming competitions.