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           Cameroon’s Clash Against Chile In Women’s Olympic Qualifiers Postponed Again 

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Even though both teams have made it clear that they are ready to head into the fixture and play the match, the Tokyo 2020 Women's Olympic Qualifiers game against Cameroon and Chile has been postponed once again after the decision was made by the world football governing body. The competition has now been pushed further forward to April later this year, without paying attention to the readiness of the teams involved. The intercontinental play-off which is to be played over two legs between Cameroon's Indomitable Lionesses and LA Roja Feminina of Chile will now be played at a date later than the initially designated time. According to multiple reports, the world football governing body FIFA already passed message across to the participating teams that their games would be postponed. The games that were postponed include the final round of the competition which Chile and Cameroon were supposed to play on the 18th of February this year.