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The former Cameroon national team manager Denis Lavagne has criticised his successor Jean Paul Akono by saying that he is not capable of holding this position. The former manager was speaking on the occasion of the failure to qualify for the 2013 African cup of nations.

Cameroon have been one of the most successful teams in Africa in this competition, but they failed to qualify for this year’s competition amidst a lot of problems both at playing and board level. This has led to the criticism by the former manager about his successor, Jean Paul Akono.

He has said that Jean Paul Akono is not capable of leading the Cameroon national team because he has very little experience of managing a top team. He has pointed out to the fact that Jean Paul Akono has not been in management for more than 10 years before taking the job as the Cameroon national team manager. Cameron suffered a shock exit in the qualifying round of the competition after going down 3-2 on aggregate to Cap Verde. Lavagne has said that Akono has spent more time analysing and doing punditry work in the last 10 years than he has been in football management.

“Akono didn’t work as coach since he was fired from his post as Chad’s coach ten years ago. Ae spent all these ten years on making matches analysis to the TV channels and the Radio but as a coach he is incapable. I saw the game against Cap Verde in the second leg. I had the impression that it was a jubilee match not a crucial game in the African qualifiers,” said the former manager. He has also said that the Cameroon international star Samuel Eto’o is by a long way responsible for the unity within the squad because of his more of a player-manager.