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Cameroon national team manager Denis Lavagne has said that he is extremely confident that the team will be able to improve in the upcoming matches.

The national team was extremely uninspiring in the recent win over Guinea-Bissau. Despite being one of the firm favourites to win the match, it took them more than 80 min to create an opening in the match.

Cameroon finally won the match 1-0 in the most unconvincing of fashions, according to the Liverpool news website. Denis Lavagne was recently awarded a new deal by the Cameroon national football Association after months of prolonged doubts over his future.

It has been up terrible World Cup qualifying campaign for the national team. Even though they began their campaign with a 1-0 win over Congo in the first match, they were subsequently beaten in the last minutes by Libya. The 2-1 defeat now means that Cameroon currently sit third in the group after just two matches.

There has been a lot of criticism over the team in the last two matches, but they were expected to improve in the match against Guinea-Bissau. However, as it has not turned out to be the way, pressure will certainly be on the French manager Denis Lavagne to deliver the result in the next match.

“There are still things to improve. We’re still lacking a bit of quality up front, a Luis Suarez figure, particularly with the final ball, but we’re getting better. We are on the right path. It’s going to take a bit of time with this team. It’s a new group with some young players up front – and they need to learn, work and play together to develop understanding. We can be satisfied with the spirit the boys have shown during the three matches. Throughout 90 minutes, Guinea-Bissau did not have one shot on target,” said the French coach.