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Chile Still Managed To Impress Even During Defeat

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Chile was eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup in a penalty shoot-out in an intense match against Brazil. The winners of this match would make it past the last 16 teams of the World Cup and enter the next stages of the tournament and even though Chile came out as the losing side, the national team which is being guided by Jorge Sampaoli still managed to impress during their entire campaign.

In the past Jorge Sampaoli has voiced his desire to be in charge of the Argentinean national team but for the time being he will continue dictating Chile as there are many things he wants to accomplish with his current team.

The manager of Chile, Jorge Sampaoli told the media: “I have a contractual agreement on top of my word to carry on after Copa America. This is an important tournament which Chile has never won and we’re hosts. After the Copa America we will evaluate precisely if we carry on or not with the process. “For us the World Cup was a very important experience. The players showed an overwhelming commitment.”

Jorge Sampaoli is eager on making history with Chile as its rumored that he denied an offer that was launched to him by the Turkish side Galatasaray as the team was willing to pay the Argentinean manager $4 million for 2 years of his time for him to coach Galatasaray but this was rejected by Sampaoli as he wants to help Chile on lifting the Copa America trophy in 2015.

Not too long ago Galatasaray appointed Cesare Prandelli as the new head coach of the team but there was a list of potential candidates that were being linked with the Turkish outside which included Jorge Sampaoli but it was eventually Prandelli the man that decided to accept the challenge and coach Galatasaray through the next season.