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The Cameroon football Federation has announced that it will be bringing out a massive changes in the way it is out of the bonuses to the players.

A massive strike led by the Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o has caused a major outrage in Cameroon.

Players were reportedly dissatisfied with the way the bonus payments were handled by the Cameroon football Federation. They are asking for more transparency in the payment, which soon led to a boycott by the players. Samuel Eto’o was then subsequently banned for a lengthy period, which was later revoked to a smaller one.

Samuel Eto’o is one of the greatest African players of all time and it seems that the Cameroon football Federation has realised that it will be unable to win football matches without the presence of the former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker.

After the huge boycott, the Cameroon football Federation recently announced that it will be paying the player bonuses immediately after it arrives to them. Despite this, many regard this announcement to be nothing more than a reaction for the boycott made by the players. Further, the high-profile nature of the players also meant that the situation has now escalated out of control for the Cameroon football Federation.

Cameroon will soon be facing Guinea Bissau, but will be without the likes of Samuel Eto’o and Enoh Eyong. Both these players have been suspended by the club and will be a huge miss for the manager. Cameron will be taking on Guinea Bissau Wednesday, and they will be flying to the country after taking on some fitness and food. Despite the rumours, media officer Linus Pascal Fouda has said that there is no such system that will alter the bonus payments arriving to the players, and that the players are extremely happy with the situation there is at the moment.